The probable duration of immunity after new coronavirus infection and when the non vaccinated persons can develop immunity against the virus:
New research shows that for people who recover from COVID-19, the antibodies they develop against the virus are maintained in their bodies for at least 5-7 months.
It appears we may develop immunity to the virus for at least 5-7 months after previous infection.
A study published in The New England Journal of Medicine, in which a researchers in Iceland studied 1,107 people who had recovered from COVID-19 and tested positive for the antiviral antibodies, over a 4-month period of time, they found that those antiviral antibodies against COVID-19 had not declined.
But the presence of a positive antibody test does not nessassery mean that the person is immune from new coronavirus infection (COVID-19) because it may just indicate a previous exposure to the virus.
The durability of the immune response to the new coronavirus is important for understanding a community outbreaks, testing data and to predict the longevity of vaccine protection.
Two new studies demonstrate how severity of disease is predictive of longer-lasting antibody production and detail how immunity wanes over time but may exist for up to 7 months and it shows that the severe disease will lead to longer-lasting immune response.
A study published in the European Journal of Immunology which examined antibody levels in more than 500 hospitalized patients, healthcare workers, and volunteers who had recovered from COVID-19 shows that 90% of new coronavirus positive individuals had detectable antibodies from 40 days up to 7 months post-infection, with higher levels in patients with more severe disease and it also shows that there is a viral neutralizing activity with detectable IgG antibodies for at least 6 months after new coronavirus infection.
And although there is a reduction in the levels of antibodies over time, the neutralizing activity is extended for up to a seventh month post-infection in a large proportion of previously virus-positive screened subjects.
So most people infected with new coronavirus may develop a protective immunity against circulating viruses for many months after initial infection.
We can limit deaths by achieving herd immunity which is legally done through widespread vaccination of people but not through making the disease to spread through the community and the Herd immunity is the concept that if enough people are protected from infection, either by gaining immunity from having the infection or receiving a vaccine, then the chance of a nonimmune persons contracting the disease is exceedingly low and this is important because there are some people in our communities like people with immunodeficiency that can not get immunized they will benefit from the Herd immunity, a vaccination of a large number of people is the ideal way to achieve herd immunity, underutilization of effective vaccines can prevent the development of herd immunity and result in continued spread of infection
Knowing how long immunity lasts is important in creating vaccination protocols.
Dr.Mazin Muzamil Abdel-Ghaffar

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